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Sat Kriya Meditation

Sat Kriya stands alone like a precious gem…..

Yogi Bhajan has called this kriya one of the most powerful Kriyas in all of Kundalini Yoga.

My teacher Devi Kirn challenged me to do a 40 Day Sadhana on Sat Kriya and build up to 31min! Hmmmmm well I love the powerful feeling when I practice Sat Kriya for 3 minutes sitting on my heels, arms straight up by my ears, powerfully chanting SAT NAM… up to 31 minutes…..okay I’m down for the challenge J

WOW – I had no idea of the challenges that laid ahead as I dove deeper into this kriya increasing the times slowly and with much respect for the Sat Kriya practice. At the 15 minute mark I hit a block. I was faced with boredom and questioning, “why am I doing this, what are the benefits, is it really working”. Fighting my negative mind – I almost stopped. Then my wise teacher brought to light – “this is your ego trying to take over, do not stop!” I dug deep and found my power and was able to reach the 20 minute mark……still fighting along the way. One day 20 minutes the next day 15 minutes, one day 3 minutes, the fight went on…..Never have I struggled with my mind like this. I started to play mantras softly while I chanted SAT NAM SAT NAM SAT NAM SAT NAM…….was playing the mantras a distraction? Perhaps….

I came across a note from the lovely Ajeet Kaur “What are some things that make it hard for you to meditate? What are your challenges? Let's reflect on them and notice them so they don't own us.” This really spoke to me. I will not allow my challenges to own me!

I began to surrender and let my emotions flow without judgment. I stopped fighting and allowed this kriya to work its magic. As I moved forward I began to realize the power of this Kriya. I found myself being faced with my past. Unresolved issues began to surface for me to re address.

Ong Namo – I bow, I surrender – 90 Days later I reached the 31 minute mark!

It is not just an exercise; it is a kriya that works on all levels of your being—known and unknown. So prepare yourself with devotion, patience and moderation. The end result is assured. Sat Kriya is designed to do the one thing from which all well-being springs: raise the kundalini energy.

It’s a great way to start your day – just 3 minutes of Sat Kriya will do wonders. I encourage you to try it and see what unfolds for you.

Sat Nam Shabad Dev Kaur / Cindys Kundalini in Hamilton

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